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Aeromedical Examinations by Dr Frank Voeten


Aviation Medical Services

EASA Medicals Class 1 and 3 (NOT intial examinations)
Class 2 and LAPL (initial and revalidation/renewals)

We pride ourselves in providing a First Class service by experienced staff

We can provide all Classes EASA examinations both for the UK CAA as well as any of the other 27 EASA NAAs.

Class 1 

Class 3

Class 2


Flying Planes


Prices listed are for examinations and payment due at the completion of the consultation. Please note that additional fees may be due should additional work be required.

Class 1 or 3             £170

Class 2 or LAPL      £145

Cabin Crew             £150

ECG                        £50

Cardiology report    £45 (if required)

Audiogram              £40

Bloodtest                £25

Flexible Payment Planning
Doctor taking blood pressure of older patient

Consultations by appointment only

Clinics are held once or twice a month contact us via the contact form or by email.


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